AT&T Mexico Roaming: Free Unlimited Talk & Text in Mexico

Are you traveling or going on vacation to Mexico soon? Vacation spots like Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, are great spots to relax and get away from it all. Have you ever gone on vacation with another couple or two and had no way to contact each other or have to pay astronomical amounts just to be able to send a text message? Well if you are an AT&T wireless customer, you can now get unlimited talk & text, plus 1GB of data for free down in Mexico. AT&T wireless has recently rolled out a new free ad-on to your current cell phone package named AT&T Mexico Roaming Bonus. What follows is the current steps to activate the Mexico Roaming Bonus for your cell phone with AT&T.

How to Activate AT&T Mexico Roaming Bonus

The first step is to log into your AT&T wireless account at

Once logged in, from the myAT&T menu select ‘Wireless’:

AT&T Account Login Wireless Menu
The key to adding this service is that you need to make sure you add it to every phone that you’d like to use in Mexico. You will need to add it to each phone individually. So from the ‘Wireless’ screen, click the ‘Manage’ link under the phone you’d like to use in Mexico.

AT&T Wireless Manage Devices
Ok, now scroll down the page slightly to the International section under theĀ ‘More features for my device’ heading, and click the International link.

AT&T Wireless International Account Options
Next you will see an option that asks you where you wi0ll be using your device. Click on the ‘Travel Outside the U.S.’ box.

AT&T Wireless Travel Outside the U.S.
Now you will be asked if you are going to Mexico or Another Country, select the Mexico box.

AT&T Wireless - Select the Mexico Box

Selecting the AT&T Mexico Unlimited Calling & Texting Roaming Bonus

The next step is to select the radio button for AT&T Mexico Roaming Bonus. Just to be clear, activating this package wi0ll get you unlimited talk to the US and within Mexico. You’ll also have unlimited texting and 1GB of data, so you can post all those pictures to Instagram or Snapchat! If you go over 1GB of data, each additional GB is charged at $20 per GB. When we recently went to Mexico, we barely used 25% of the 1GB we were given.
AT&T Mexico Roaming Bonus Selector

Of course if you have any problems with any of the steps above of they don’t match your account, just give AT&T Wireless customer service a call and they can help you add the Mexico Roaming Bonus to your account. If you have any recommendations for changes to this post, please leave a comment below or send us an email here. We hope this helps you get more out of your vacation, and hope that you have a safe trip to wherever you go in Mexico.



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